Individual Solutions created with the Algorithmic Approach

We are trusted / we are the best / we are efficient / we are fast / we are open-minded” — You won’t see on this page these hoary clichés: because Legarithm is not about clichés. We are sure that in the future you will see for yourself the veracity of these phrases, but due to our deeds, not our words.

Our approach

Understanding the client’s business

It is impossible to provide legal services without understanding your client’s business. Thanks to our extensive experience of work in the field of law as “external” advisors for various fintech, gambling, online retail, start-up projects, as well as working as corporate lawyers in top-tier gambling projects, we know the needs of your business.

Algorithmic approach

Our solutions have been elaborated not in theory, but in practice and perfected to the algorithms due to which our clients always reach the best result. We have created advanced solutions in the field of fintech, forex, gambling licensing, which effectively meet all the client’s needs at the best price in the market.

One-stop shop service

In the area of ​​corporate law, Legarithm operates on the principle of a “one-stop shop”. By virtue of this approach, you will forget about the need to find lawyers in each of the jurisdictions where the company is incorporated or where economic activity is carried out.

Turnkey solutions

Forget about the necessity to hire an army of law firms to complete one project. Thanks to experience in various practices, the Legarithm team offers full support for your project: from greenfield to operations.

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