What do we know about the Vanuatu and Timor-Leste Gaming licenses? 

As the Curacao iGaming landscape is shifting, new licenses, such as Anjouan Gaming license and Tobique Gaming license have successfully entered the market.

At the same time, other countries and regulatory authorities have decided to introduce new licenses that may be of interest to prospective and current operators. So what do we know about the Vanuatu and Timor-Leste Gaming licenses?

Vanuatu Gaming License

Vanuatu, known for forex licenses and citizenship by investment programs, has unveiled a modernized licensing framework with a strong focus on digitalization. The Vanuatu Gaming Authority (VGA), launched updated regulations under the Vanuatu Interactive Gaming Act, replacing outdated laws dating back to 1993.

The new regulations aim to attract operators targeting unregulated markets, offering a streamlined online application process overseen by the VGA. This digital portal promises faster processing times while ensuring thorough background checks for all applicants.

Key features of the updated license include a EUR5,000 ($5,370) application fee, an annual license fee of EUR10,000 ($10,700), valid for 15 years from issuance, and a flat 1 percent tax on Gross Gaming Revenue.

The Vanuatu Department of Customs and Inland Revenue serves as the gambling regulator, with VGA Limited processing applications through a public-private partnership.

Initially catering to B2C operators, each license allows for two URLs, with options to add more for a fee, similar to practices in jurisdictions like the Isle of Man. License holders must ensure all White Label partners comply with regulatory standards.

The application process prioritizes quality submissions, advancing eligible applications while providing feedback for improvement if needed. Processing is set to commence in early July, reflecting Vanuatu’s ambition to reaffirm its status as a leading and trustworthy eGaming jurisdiction amid evolving global standards.

Timor-Leste Gaming License

Timor-Leste is emerging as a promising hub for iGaming licensing and professional services with the establishment of the Virtual Gaming Association (VGA). This initiative represents a significant advancement for the country.

Members of the VGA attended the SiGMA tradeshow in Malta, however, specific details about the Timor-Leste gaming license, such as application procedures, fees, and regulatory requirements, are not yet widely detailed or standardized.

Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor, is a sovereign nation located in Southeast Asia. It occupies the eastern half of the island of Timor, along with the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and the enclave of Ambeno within Indonesian West Timor. It gained independence in 2002 after a period of Indonesian occupation and a transitional administration overseen by the United Nations.

We will monitor any updates from the Virtual Gaming Association to provide our clients with the most recent developments.


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