Asset protection. Personal funds, trusts

A trust means management of your assets on fiducial basis. Due to the existence of this institution of law, You, possessing key personal rights to assets that are transferred to management, are able to significantly reduce the risks associated with state arbitrariness, raiding, other forms of undue pressure on your business and, in addition to the above, reduce the tax burden.

Hardly simplifying the concept of a trust, the following description comes out. It is a fiduciary relationship, participants of which are, settlor who transfers to another person, the trustee, property for management in the interests of a third party, the beneficiary. But what exactly does this give you and why suddenly your assets become protected? The answer is very simple, the protection of your company’s assets occurs due to the fact that, paradoxically, the company legally ceases to be yours and goes into the management of a created trust registered in a jurisdiction with a high reputation and safe from raiding, exorbitant taxes and other troubles.

Legarithm lawyers will help you to use funds and trusts as tax planning tools competently and legally. Together with us, you will ensure a high level of anonymity of asset ownership and forget about the risks that are typical for your jurisdiction.

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