Connecting a merchant account

A merchant account is a necessary element of any business operating online. Connecting a merchant account to the site will allow you to accept payments from plastic cards on your site, and this is the most popular payment method.

Depending on the selected merchant account provider (MAP), Apple and Google pay may also be available, as well as other payment methods. At the same time, the process of connecting a merchant account is quite complicated, since you always need to go through a compliance check with the requirements of each merchant provider. The Legarithm team knows how to properly go through all stages of this process in the shortest possible time.

A merchant account allows you to have full control over all incoming payments from your customers. You can view all incoming payments at any time and get complete reporting.

A merchant account is an additional guarantee of payment security, because a MAP uses all the necessary technologies to identify a client, which reduces the risk of fraud.

A merchant account increases the competitiveness of your business, as you accept payments from customers in a form convenient for them.

Legarithm works with a large number of merchant account providers to find the most suitable rates, minimum commissions and low chargeback penalties for you. We also help clients with high-risk activities (forex, gambling, cryptocurrencies) to organize the acceptance of payments from cards via site.

What documents should the merchant provide to the provider?

  • Corporate documents of the company;
  • Processing history (if any);
  • Proof of site ownership;
  • Passports, CVs, utility bills of directors and company beneficiaries.

Whether you are selling online courses, offering gambling, or selling commodities online, the Legarithm team will find the best solutions for your business.

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