Creation of policies for compliance with GDPR and other acts in the field of personal data protection

Modern business and especially IT companies constantly interact with the personal data of their current or potential customers.

At the same time, in an increasing number of jurisdictions, there are regulatory legal acts that regulate the rights of individuals whose data is collected and processed and the obligations of the companies that collect and process them. Within the framework of the European Union, the GDPR is currently in force, the CCPA was developed in the state of California, the United Kingdom after Brexit will introduce its own version of the GDPR (UK GDPR), and this list is growing every year. Each of the above acts has its own characteristics, but Legarithm lawyers have significant experience in creating correct, universal mechanisms for interacting with personal data, regardless of the jurisdiction in which the IT company is registered and the jurisdiction in which the clients reside.


GDPR audit

Correct interaction with personal data is an urgent issue for any business area – from classic online stores and online portals to CRM systems, SaaS and cloud storages. All of them can collect or process personal data and information. Ignoring the GDPR and other acts in the field of personal data protection creates a constant risk of being subject to fines, the amount of which can reach 20 million euros (or 5% of annual income, whichever is greater) and other administrative measures.

In order to identify the existing gaps and shortcomings in the handling of personal data in an IT company, it is necessary to conduct a full audit for legal compliance with the GDPR. During the audit, Legarithm lawyers carry out a comprehensive analysis of the processes taking place in the company on the subject of violations of the GDPR provisions with the provision of further recommendations that can be practically implemented without the integrity of business activities violation.

We always strive for the best result, but we never sacrifice the business processes taking place in the company. Often, recommendations from lawyers are a whole list of unenforceable points, but it is not our case. Realizing that not everything can be changed, we help to modernize the interaction with personal data that happens in your company.

Audit by Legarithm is a comprehensive set of actions that consists of checking 7 main mechanisms of interaction with PD. Each identified violation will be included in our report with advices for correcting with the least possible changes in business processes. We advise you to read our path to create your own privacy policy that will be fully GDPR-compliant. Our lawyers are experts in this field, because we never take templates, but we write a document from scratch in constant contact with our clients. Contact us now via chat for consultation.

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