Obtaining Curacao gambling license

Many entrepreneurs interested in the gambling business are wondering if a license is needed to provide such services on the Internet? Gambling, casino, slots, poker, bingo, lottery, betting are licensed activities. In some countries, they are strictly prohibited.

A gambling license in Curacao is distinguished, first of all, by its reliability, financial attractiveness, as well as the ability to obtain a license remotely. Today, individuals who want to carry out activities related to the organization of gambling over the Internet can do so on the basis of a sub-license. The issuance of Master licenses was temporarily suspended by the Curacao Regulator.

This license entitles its holder to organize and conduct all types of games on the Internet (slots, betting, poker and others). The only difference between a Master license and a sub-license is that the holder of the sub-license does not have the right to issue licenses to third parties.

The Curacao gambling license is suitable for all types of gaming activities and is the most optimal in terms of requirements for the applicant, costs, timing, functionality and further upkeep. Gaming software developers can also obtain a Curacao license and offer their software under that license.

Curacao license is the most optimal license for all types of gambling activities. Legarithm recommends obtaining a Curacao license not only for start-up projects, but also for projects that have been on the market for several years.

Curacao is an island in the Caribbean that belongs to the Netherlands. This is one of the oldest gambling jurisdictions, the gambling legislation was adopted here in 1996. There are two types of licenses in Curacao. Master license and Sublicense. Holders of the Master license of Curacao have the right to issue sub-licenses for conducting gaming activities.

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If you have developed your own games, in order to obtain a Curacao license, it will be necessary to carry out a game certification, the so-called RNG certification, or a random number generator certification, so that the regulator is sure that the games provided on your website are fair.

The Curacao license allows you to work in all countries where it is not directly prohibited by law, except for the USA, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia and Curacao itself.

70% of all famous online casinos in the world operate with under the Curacao license

The term for obtaining a license is only 1 month

License requirements are lower than in Malta, Gibraltar, Island of Man

There will be no issues in onboarding payment methods with the Curacao license

Global game providers such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming are willing to work with the Curacao sublicense

The obvious advantage of the Curacao gambling license over other licenses is that the Curacao sublicense is suitable for all types of gambling activities, which includes sports betting, slots, lottery, casino, bingo, online poker and many other types of online gambling activities. In other jurisdictions, such as Malta, there is a requirement to obtain a separate gambling license for each type of gambling activity.

Another advantage of this license is the ease of obtaining it, the regulator asks for a minimum amount of information (proof of ownership of the site, certification of games, documents for the company and a set of legal documents on the site), and the license itself is significantly cheaper than in other jurisdictions. We can safely say that the Curacao license is the most budget option for today.

Requirements to obtain the Curacao gambling license

The Curacao gambling license does not require the provision of a large number of documents, detailed policies on your website, contribution of share capital, hiring of local personnel and lease of a local office. This is one of the main advantages of this license, however, there are a number of requirements that the applicant must fulfill. Regulator shall be provided with:

  • Corporate documents of the Curacao company;
  • Agreements with Game providers or RNG certificates for the games;
  • Proof of website ownership (may be in the form of a certificate or a screenshot in the account of domain provider);
  • Documents for directors and shareholders (C.V., passports, utility bills);
  • Police records for directors and shareholders;
  • Website policies (terms & conditions, refund & return policy, responsible gaming policy).
Our team has repeatedly received Curacao gaming license for our clients and we know how to properly prepare all the documents, so that in the future there will be no additional questions from the Regulator. We also help to prepare all the documents in case the client has difficulties with collecting the documents above.

The Curacao gaming license is issued for two domain names and, if desired, additional domains can be added in the future for an additional fee.

It usually takes up to two weeks from the date of submission of all the necessary documents to the regulator to obtain the license itself. We would like to note that a Curacao gambling license is issued only for a company in Curacao.

In addition to the documents, it will be necessary to register a company in Curacao itself and a company in Europe. We will need a European company in order to open a corporate account for it to accept payments from clients. Many European payment institutions are unable to open accounts for offshore companies due to the tightening of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation.

The advantages of obtaining a license are obvious, banks and payment institutions are much more willing to work with licensed companies. Having a license will significantly increase the set of payment options and the choice of games for your website. A real license will also greatly increase the confidence of players in your website, since your company will be under the supervision of a regulator. Players will be more inclined to play big on your website.

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Registration of company in Curacao

Application for Curacao license

Registration of european company as a payment agent

Preparation of documents for the website

Corporate account opening

Merchant account onboarding

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