Forex Broker License Vanuatu

An offshore forex license is a brokerage license that allows you to operate on the forex currency exchange market. It is issued by the regulator in one of the low tax offshore jurisdictions.

We recommend companies that are just starting their way on the market to think about the opportunities that provides our “forex activity without a license” offer. By choosing this path, you can start providing your services to clients within a month with a minimum start-up capital.

At the same time, the Legarithm team recommends considering an offshore forex license for projects that have been on the market for several years and have decided to move to a more serious stage or for those companies that have a high level of initial investment and want to better establish themselves in the market.

Forex brokers with a license:

  • inspire confidence among traders, especially traders with large capital, who need to understand that their investments are protected by the regulator;
  • have the ability to open an account directly for a company approved by merchant providers, and not for an agent company;
  • have the ability to open an account in some banks, and not with a payment institution registered offshore.

The most popular among all offshore jurisdictions for obtaining a Forex broker license is Vanuatu (Forex securities dealers license) and below we will explain why. Of course, the question is not about a piece of paper and entering your company into the register of forex brokers in Vanuatu.

What is remarkable about the Vanuatu forex license?

  • A company with this license may offer similar to banking services in addition to asset trading and forex activities;
  • No restrictions on the number of clients;
  • There are no restrictions on the openness of the website to the general public;
  • You do not need to travel to Vanuatu to set up a company and obtain a license;
  • Obtaining a forex license takes only 3 months;
  • The best replacement for Mauritius, Belize and other offshore companies;
  • Excellent offshore forex license;
  • The lowest requirements for the authorized capital;
  • The guarantee payment is only about $ 50,000, which is not much compared to other jurisdictions;
  • Minimal reporting;
  • No requirement for a local office;
  • No requirement for local staff;
  • Zero taxation if profits were obtained from foreign sources;
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