B2B gambling licenses

Each gambling regulatory authority requires that the games and game software used by the licensed company on the site meet the standards for a random number generator.

This software must be certified or purchased from a gaming provider with certification. A gaming software provider license allows you to provide your games to a very wide range of counterparties.

The B2B (Business to business) license allows you to provide your gaming software to licensed companies. These licenses confirm that the company’s software meets all the requirements and high standards of the regulator and constitutes a clear advantage compared to vendors who do not have a license.

We would like to point out that not all developers need to obtain a gaming license. Basically, this requirement is optional and is optional, in order to gain a market advantage for their gaming products.

With a developer license, your customers do not need to certify your games or prove their integrity.

It should be noted that having a license it will be easier for you to find a common language with banks and payment institutions – after all, your activities within the license will become much clearer and less risky.

The B2B licenses are much easier and faster to obtain than full gambling licenses. There are a number of popular jurisdictions in which to obtain a developer license: Curacao, Romania, Malta, Belgium, Gibraltar, Alderney, Isle of Man, and the United Kingdom.

This list includes the most popular gambling licenses for game software developers. Almost every country where gambling is not prohibited by law has its own type of B2B gaming license. The advantage of such licenses is the fact that you can get a number of licenses from several countries for the same European company.

The most popular jurisdictions for obtaining B2B gambling license

Curacao Gambling Development License

There is only one class of gambling license in Curacao, which is why this license is suitable for both online casinos and gaming developers.

This license is quite simple to obtain and the terms for its obtaining are 2 weeks. This license can be issued for a company registered in Curacao or for a European company.

To obtain this license, the developer will need to present certificates of compliance of his gaming software with RNG (random number generator) standards.

The Curacao license is convenient because the developer, having received this license, can not only sell his games to other casinos, but also open his own gaming site and provide gaming services to its customers directly.

License for the development of gambling games in Romania

This license is one of the European licenses and will allow you to sell your gaming software in Romania. It is quite easy to obtain and does not require large financial investments.

According to the law, a license for developers falls under a class II gaming license and can be issued to both a foreign company and a Romanian one.

Class II licenses enable suppliers and distributors to provide operators with gambling solutions, manage platforms and provide hosting services in the regulated Romanian market.

According to this license, the company can offer software for betting, casinos, payments and partner solutions to online gambling operators interested in the Romanian market. The Class II license allows the company to supply software solutions to holders of Class I operating licenses in Romania.

Malta Gambling Development License

There are two types of game developer licenses in Malta: platform license and game provider license.

The difference is that the game provider license is more limited and only allows you to develop and distribute your games to licensed providers in Malta.

The platform license allows the licensed company to provide operators with a turnkey solution that allows them to fully operate on the betting market. This includes the software itself, coefficients, site design, crm systems, hosting, and more.

A developer license in Malta is much easier to obtain than an operator license, however, Malta has a very serious regulatory authority and, accordingly, requires the applicant to meet a number of requirements:

  • The applicant’s company must be registered in Malta or the EU;
  • The directors and shareholders of the company must be approved by the regulator;
  • It is necessary to deposit the share capital of 40,000 EUR.

Belgium gambling development license

Developers of gambling software, are required to obtain a class E license in Belgium. This license is quite simple to obtain and can be issued to a European company.

There is no separation of land-based and online software in the legislation, therefore developers who wish to supply their games to online casinos with a Belgian license (A + license) are required to obtain a full Class E license.

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