GDPR compliance – protection of personal data

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. The next and obvious question that you probably have, “does it impose some obligations on me?” We have already answered this question in publications, link is here. But cutting the long story short, answer will be “yes” if your company is registered in the EU or you collect personal data (PD) of EU citizens.

In order to fall into the category of persons who collect personal data from EU citizens, it is enough to have a website on which cookies will be used. Again, this situation is very common, since if you use Google Analytics, you may be sure that you are the controller in terms of the GDPR. Of course, it was the description of the most widespread and simple version of interacting with personal data of EU citizens, at the same time for an online retailer it is more complicated, and everything goes even further for providers of hosting solutions or gambling operators. But there is definitely nothing to be afraid of, because even despite the huge declared fines (up to 20 million euros), Legarithm has experience in writing policies and auditing activities for businesses carrying out activities in different industries.

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