Legal structuring of transactions with counterparties

IT companies have many advantages over traditional businesses: high flexibility, mobility, lack of geo-referencing to customers / counterparties and even employees. Due to the nature of the IT business, situations are quite common in which the counterparty or client is a resident of a third country. In addition, software development services do not lend themselves well to legal systematization, which entails situations in which the same transaction can be formalized in different ways. By understanding the legal side of business processes in the IT field, Legarithm lawyers will provide you with solutions thanks to which you will never overpay.

Tax structuring of transactions

Are you sure that the direct sale of software rights by the company that developed it is the most profitable from a tax point of view? Legarithm team of lawyers will help you to design the right transaction structure that is lawful, with no signs of erosion of the tax base. The creation of a transaction payment model is an exclusively individual service and depends on the counterparties you cooperate with, payment methods, transaction volume, and the level of acceptable risk. Please contact us via chat for a preliminary consultation.

Comprehensive risk assessment of the acquired asset

Legal support in transactions on the purchase of assets, which can be embodied in intellectual property rights, real estate rights, other property rights, or, as happens in most cases, in corporate rights that allow you to purchase an integral property complex – is one of the core services provided by our lawyers. Legarithm experts will conduct a comprehensive review of the purchased asset, in particular, a legal audit, after which they will step by step advise the client throughout the entire process, accompanying the asset sale and purchase transaction.

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