Legal support of corporate transactions

Are you planning to expand your business by acquiring another company in the market? Maybe you want to attract additional funds by issuing securities? Perhaps, to increase the economic potential, a company will be merged with your competitor. Whatever the ultimate goal is, Legarithm will help you to achieve it.

We provide exclusively comprehensive solutions, which, in particular, include the following:

1. Legal audit

Before starting the transaction, we will conduct a full due diligence to mitigate potential risks from the purchase of assets with legal defects. Thanks to this audit, you will be able to fully assess all the risks that a future transaction may be exposed to, because during the audit conducted by Legarithm, the following will be analyzed:

– company ownership structure

– the contractual basis of the company, in particular, contracts with suppliers and customers

– financial liabilities, potential fines

– compliance with regulatory restrictions

– the presence of lawsuits and ongoing litigation

– legal processes of corporate governance

– intellectual property rights

– rights to real estate

– disputes with company personnel

– employee remuneration schemes

– contractual legal relations with top management

2. Then, using our experience and tax optimization tools, we will help you by legal means to reduce the tax burden that is generated as a result of the transaction. To create legal structures that allow you to reduce the tax base and tax rate, we, being in constant communication with you, will help you to restructure the business so any extra dollar won’t be paid.

3. At the stage of negotiations, we will provide the necessary legal support, being your reliable legal advisers.

4. Based on the results of the negotiations, documents will be drawn up, in which all your rights acquired as a result of the acquisition / disposal of assets will be enshrined, as well as their protection from risks.

5. The fifth stage is the deal closing, as well as support of the company after the transaction, in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We understand that, your transaction may be more complex – in any case, we will find a solution, thanks to which any economic transaction will be embodied in legal constructions.

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