Legal support of investment activity

A third-party asset management company, a crowdfunding platform, an investment fund – they all have a similar essence – interaction with financial assets of third parties and their aggregation aimed at achieving a financial or other goal.

It follows from the said above that you cannot just take and open your own investment company, because you will not have access to the securities markets and other assets, the possibility of opening merchant accounts to receive funds from other persons is closed, and your activity will be considered illegal in most jurisdictions of the world. For this reason, it is especially important to think carefully about the legal structure of your business and assess all the risks.

As we already wrote, the basic option for starting an activity is the creation of an investment / forex broker without a license. Note that even though we conditionally call this option “basic”, many investment brokers in the CIS market work with just such an organizational and legal structure. To make sure that our words are true, you just need to look at the “footer” of the sites of brokers you know, where there is legal information about the company that provides services. We advise you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the information about the service “Investment / Forex activity without a license”, but in short, our turnkey solution consists of:

1) Registration of an offshore company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;

2) Registration of a European company;

3) Opening a corporate account for a European company;


4) Connecting a merchant account (payment by card on the website) to the broker’s company;

5) Writing privacy policies, AML, refunds, site rules.

Investment funds

A much more expensive enterprise is the creation of an investment fund, but at the same time the possibilities for investment and the number of providers of technical and payment solutions ready to cooperate with you are expanding. Most jurisdictions in the world have their own investment fund legislation, and accordingly, the operating conditions vary considerably.

Legarithm experts have experience in creating investment funds both in some offshore jurisdictions (Caymans, BVI, Bahamas) and mid-shore European jurisdictions (Cyprus, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta). In this regard, we do not offer just one solution trying to “fit” it for all our clients. First of all, we focus on your needs and your budget, our goal is, in cooperation with you, to create the solution that will work at the most optimal price and satisfy the needs of your business.


At first glance, it might seem that a crowdfunding platform is a purely technical solution, without the need to comply with special legislative regulations. But, unfortunately, no. In many jurisdictions, crowdfunding is equated to the management of third party assets through investment or is regulated by special legal acts.

Our team will give you the opportunity to forget about the legal side of the issue and concentrate on your business and product.

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