Protecting confidential information in an organization

A characteristic feature of the 21st century is the ever-increasing value of information as an intangible asset. For an IT company, such information may be a trade secret, non-proprietary intellectual property or personal data of customers. At the same time, in order to conduct business activities of any enterprise, from time to time it becomes necessary to provide access to such information to counterparties and employees.

The work to prevent the leakage of such information should take place in two forms: technical and legal. Legarithm lawyers have significant experience in drafting contracts with contractors and employees, in which clear mechanisms to prevent misuse of information are enshrined. We know how valuable information is to you, therefore our solutions are complex and take into account all possible scenarios and future potential risks.

Services for the protection of information within the organization usually consist of the conclusion of confidentiality agreements that can be enforced, especially important in this regard is the application of injunctive relief measures. Information protection in the organization also occurs through the creation of documents describing policies for destruction and restriction of access after the completion of the necessary operation. The third point in ensuring the protection of confidential information is training employees on the rules of behavior with confidential information in order to avoid unintentional disclosure of such information.

Relationships requiring confidentiality usually arise in the following cases:

– employee – employer

– director – company

– partnership

– joint ventures

– with service providers

We will analyze the entire pool of information with special status, in order to create correct legal relations with persons who have access to it, choosing the jurisdiction, the law of which will be most beneficial for the company that owns the information. After that, if necessary, we will hold workshops for your employees on the correct handling of confidential information and draw up policies, contracts and other documents necessary for your company.

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