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Brokerage licenses. Third party asset management. Investment activity through funds and trusts.

Legarithm experts will create a company structure, connect accounts and solve any of your questions. If you address a problem, we will find the best solution.

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What services do we offer to support investment activities?

The investment business is considered to be one of the most prestigious activities and includes third party asset management, fund and trust management, crowdfunding and working in the forex market as a broker.

In most jurisdictions, investment activities are regulated and require a license. The Legarithm team has experience in obtaining licenses for various types of investment activities and has experience in interacting with a large number of regulators, such as CySec, IFSC, FSC, GBOT, MFSA, ASIC, FSA, NFA.

Our experts are ready to help you in choosing the right jurisdiction for your project, depending on your goals.

Asset management license

If you plan to manage third-party assets in order to increase profits and maximize the efficient management of investors’ assets and resources, you will need a license to manage third-party assets.

The Legarithm team will help you choose the optimal jurisdiction for obtaining a license to manage third-party assets and will accompany the entire process.

Organization of an investment fund

An investment fund is a serious tool in the right hands and requires compulsory licensing in most jurisdictions, especially in the EU countries.

Any investment fund that plans to work with professional investors as well as ordinary (unqualified) investors requires obtaining an appropriate license.

Investment funds are registered in various countries, and offshore are especially popular. Obtaining an investment fund license after registration requires compulsory licensing and approval from the local financial regulator in the country where such an investment fund is registered.

An investment fund license does not restrict work with non-residents, but nevertheless, there are often restrictions on direct advertising in countries where non-residents are located.

Of course, whether or not an investment fund license is needed depends largely on the jurisdiction in which the investment fund is registered and operates.

In many offshore jurisdictions, there are certain types of investment funds that do not require licensing, the applicant just needs to go through a special registration procedure.

However, when working with unqualified investors (ordinary individuals), the requirement to obtain a license is more common. A licensed fund is a guarantee of reliability and confirmation that the fund is under the supervision of a government regulator. It can be a good marketing tool.

Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in registering a fund in the EU or in an offshore fund. When you contact Legarithm, you can be sure that you are in touch with professionals.

Forex broker license

The Forex market is more popular than ever, because this type of activity brings a very good income.

The Legarithm team will select the most optimal jurisdiction for you, connect merchant accounts and open a corporate account. We provide all licenses of Forex brokers on a turnkey basis and in the future we constantly accompany our clients.

Our team has launched a lot of Forex project within the CIS and knows very well how this market works. We always offer solutions based on the budget, wishes and capabilities of the client.

We offer a number of turnkey solutions for Forex projects that include opportunities for working without a license, with an offshore license and a European license.

As a rule, for start-up projects we offer our solution that does not require licensing. For companies that are already operating in the market and have decided to move to a more serious stage, we offer offshore licenses to choose from. We also have a selection of European and Asian licenses for experienced companies.

Our approach is a comprehensive support of your turnkey Forex project and includes everything you need: registering a company, obtaining a license, opening a corporate account, connecting merchant accounts, assistance in hiring personnel, local office, preparation of all necessary contracts and documents for the site, and further legal support on all issues.

Crowdfunding Organization

Crowdfunding platforms are very popular, especially Kickstarter and Indiegogo, ,mainly because they gave rise to so many popular and successful projects.

Considering the number of new startups, it is attractive not only to launch your own startup, but also to launch your own crowdfunding platform that will earn from 3 to 5% of the collected funds in the form of a commission.

In many European jurisdictions, such activities require licensing, since very often operating a crowdfunding platform is equivalent to investment activities and requires a separate licensing.

Our approach is comprehensive support of investment projects. In the investment business, it is very important to enlist professional legal support. Get in contact with experienced experts – contact Legarithm.

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