• does not require additional market research, saves you time and resources;
  • one of the opportunities to make a profit with minimized risks;
  • a chance to invest for first-time investors.

Determine the type of company.

Choose the most appropriate business management structure (LLP or Ltd), its internal policies, investment attraction and settlement procedures.


Register a company

To open a cryptocurrency fund, it is necessary to register a legal entity in the most favorable jurisdiction based on the relevant regulatory and tax provisions. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the applicable laws of the country of potential registration, develop and coordinate the appropriate legal documentation for the fund, determine the key components of the fund and address any issues that may arise in connection with the fund, including those related to intellectual property.


License obtaining

Each country has its own legal framework, which you need to familiarize yourself with in order to avoid penalties and other types of liability. Most countries require a license to work with cryptocurrencies, the order and type of which depends on a number of factors.

Documents we can draw up for you.

Documents on the establishment of legal entities
Investment Management Agreement
Management agreement in case of management of the fund by a third party
Service agreements with administrators auditors, custodians, brokers, etc.
Private Placement Memorandum
Deposit Agreement

Why are the Cayman Islands attractive for crypto-fund registration?

Crypto-asset funds are now located in the Cayman Islands, which begs the question, why is this jurisdiction attractive to crypto-funds? And the answer to that question is as follows:

  1. Tax regulation. The efficiency of taxation is due to the fact that there is no income tax, corporate tax duties on real estate, and the Cayman Islands are not party to any double taxation treaty with another country.
  2. The start-up process in the Cayman Islands is simplified compared to other jurisdictions.If we are talking about closed funds, they are not subject to regulation at all.

Prospects for Asian countries to open a crypto-fund

Cryptocurrency exchanges are legal in this country, investments made through a hedge fund startup that invests in cryptocurrencies must meet the requirements under the Securities Act.

If you plan to focus on Asia, the best solution is to establish a crypto fund in Singapore.
This jurisdiction is prestigious because of its favorable tax environment.
A licensed fund management company is required to manage the crypto fund


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