What legal documents must be on the website?

The legal content of the site depends on the type of services provided on the site, its functionality, as well as the countries where users are located. Conventionally, all sites can be divided into several types: information sites, sites with a personal account and online stores.

What documents must be on the information website?

Information sites, such as news sites and blogs, do not actively interact with the user. For such sites, a privacy policy, cookie policy and terms of use will be sufficient.

What documents should be on the website with a personal account?

These sites have more functionality and more interaction with the user. Due to its functionality, the site will require terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy, public offer.

What documents should be on the website of the online store?

These sites have the most functionality and require more documents, namely: terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy, public offer, terms of return and delivery.

Special requirements for certain websites

Depending on the type of activity, a number of websites are required to post additional information on their website. For example, if you provide gambling services, the law requires you to post on your website (in addition to the documents listed above) a KYC policy, a fair play policy and information on responsible gambling.

Additionally, you will need to post information about your license and the legal entity that operates the site.

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