Gambling software certification is a mandatory requirement for any gaming license. Regardless of whether you took the games from a game provider or developed them yourself, you will be asked for a document or certificate confirming that your games have a properly configured random number generator.

This certification is called RNG (Random Number Generator) and consists of a series of tests of your source code. A properly working random number generator ensures that cards, dice numbers, slot game symbols, jackpot triggers and other game elements are statistically random and unpredictable. A properly working random number generator gives players confidence in the game system and insures against unwarranted player complaints.

What does testing the source code of a random number generator consist of?

  • Defining the random number generator algorithm and testing known weaknesses;
  • Check the internal state of the random number generator;
  • Verify that the random number generator implementation meets the requirements of unpredictability and non-repeatability;
  • Checking the use of random numbers, including scaling and shuffling;
  • Compiling the RNG code (after fixing all problems with the code).

Our random number generator certification fully complies with all requirements applicable in gaming jurisdictions such as Curacao, Australia, Alderney, Denmark, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Italy, Kahnawake, Malta, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

Certification of a random number generator usually takes 1-3 weeks.

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