Anjouan gambling license

In the rapidly evolving world of online gaming and with the upcoming changes to the regulatory regime in Curacao, obtaining the right license is essential for companies looking to secure their presence in the market. Anjouan’s gambling license offers a comprehensive solution to meet the gambling needs of companies in various verticals.

This license, issued by the Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority, provides a wide range of opportunities, including casinos, poker, betting, lotteries, software provision and is suitable for launching a White-Label platform. The Anjouan gambling license is designed to meet various operational needs, both in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors.

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2 weeks

Term of obtaining a license

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One license for B2C and B2B

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license fees of €17,300 annually

License Curacao

One license for all types of gambling activities

poker, lottery, casino, sportsbook, and White Label.

Licensing requirements and process

Companies from all over the world can now apply for a gambling license in Anjou, which opens up opportunities for global participation in the online gaming industry. The license is valid for one year, after which it can be renewed annually, giving companies the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

The licensing process consists of three main stages, each of which is crucial to ensure reliable and compliant operations.

  1. A thorough check of the directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of the company applying for a license is carried out. This verification is aimed at establishing the integrity and suitability of key persons associated with the company.
  2. To ensure efficient and secure operation, companies must meet certain requirements for systems and servers. Compliance with these technical requirements is necessary to protect player data and ensure the smooth operation of the gaming process.
  3. The third area is dedicated to anti-money laundering (AML), compliance, and operational policies and procedures. Companies have to demonstrate their commitment to complying with industry regulations and best practices. In addition, the software and hardware of the gaming platform are checked to ensure a fair and transparent gaming environment.

Categories of gambling licenses

The Anjouan gambling license covers a wide range of gambling activities, providing companies with ample opportunities to diversify their offerings. The Anjouan license covers various verticals of the online gambling industry:

  • casino;
  • poker platform;
  • a betting website;
  • lotteries.

In addition, it covers the provision of White-Label software and services, which allows license holders to establish partnerships and expand their operations.

License fees

To obtain an Anjouan gambling license, companies need to pay:

  • 13 300 euros – license fees, which include the mandatory ALSI data replication service.
  • 2 000 euros – annual fee for the authorization of key persons.
  • 1 700 euros for the initial verification of the applicant.

License fees cover up to two URLs, which allows license holders to work with multiple platforms under one license. The fee is charged at the time of applying for a license and is non-refundable.

Requirements for due diligence documentation

The following is a list of documents required for due diligence in the course of reviewing a license application. This list is not exhaustive and additional due diligence documentation may be requested at a later stage. All persons must undergo a remote identity verification procedure.

For all individual directors/shareholders/ultimate beneficial owners of the company:

  1. Certified copy of passport.
  2. Certified copies of documents confirming the address of residence (issued within the last 3 months). Proof of residence can be provided by water, electricity, landline phone or cable TV bills, alternatively, a bank statement or official government correspondence. Mobile phone or mobile internet bills are not accepted. The document confirming the address of residence must contain the full name of the shareholder together with the full address of residence and must be dated within the last 90 days.
  3. A bank letter of recommendation (issued within the last 3 months) from a bank where the shareholder has been a customer for at least 2 years – samples are available upon request
  4. A professional letter of recommendation (issued within the last 3 months) from a lawyer or accountant, whose client the shareholder has been for at least 2 years – samples are available upon request
  5. Curriculum vitae (C.V.), duly signed

For any corporate (legal) entity in the corporate structure:

  1. A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  2. Certified copy of the memorandum and articles of association or any other equivalent document.
  3. Certified copy of the shareholders’ register, dated within the last 3 months and signed by the company’s director.
  4. A certified copy of the register of directors, dated within the last 3 months and signed by a director of the company.
  5. A certified copy of the company’s extract from the register (if applicable).
  6. A certified copy of the certificate of good standing.
  7. Certified true copy of the certificate of employment.

In addition to the Due Diligence required on directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries, there are a number of other requirements that must be met in order to obtain a license.

These requirements include a brief business plan, proof of domain ownership, website review and approval for compliance, compliance with the terms and conditions of the license, KYC compliance, responsible gaming procedures, AML policy, copies of RNG testing certificates (if applicable), and copies of game/content provider agreements for the gaming systems and games used (if applicable), in addition to the application and ultimate beneficial ownership declaration.

In addition, material operations must be replicated on ALSI’s servers.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and additional documents may be requested.

Where can I work with the Anjouan license?

Similarly to Curacao, operators with an Anjouan license cannot advertise, promote, or knowingly register players, as well as offer gambling to residents of “prohibited countries”, which include the territories of Australia, Austria, Comoros, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and all countries on the FATF blacklist.

In all other cases, operators should be guided by the local legislation of the country of operation.


Anjouan opens up great opportunities for start-up companies that want to gain a foothold in the online gaming industry. By meeting the corporate requirements, going through a thorough licensing process, and providing the necessary documents, companies can open up a world of gaming opportunities. Anjouan’s license allows you to work in various gaming verticals and serve both B2C and B2B markets, which opens up opportunities for success and growth in the dynamically developing online gaming industry.

Our company understands the unique needs of gaming projects and strives to offer customized solutions for obtaining the most suitable license. We invite you to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and develop an individualized action plan to facilitate the license obtainment process. Contact us to find out what opportunities are open to your gambling business.

Our turnkey offer includes:


Registration and support of a company in Anjouan


Development of a package of documents for the site


Obtaining the Anjouan Gambling License


Registration of a company in the EU as a payment agent


Opening a corporate account


Connecting merchant accounts

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