What is a monthly legal service?

Most of our clients who have ordered permanent legal support from us are those people who have gone a long way with us in registering companies, building a corporate structure, getting a license, opening accounts and connecting payments to the site.

Hiring a lawyer on staff is not a good solution for most of them as there will not be enough specialized work for them, and quality legal specialists with an understanding of how international corporate structures are built cost over 3 thousand Euros per month in the market.

We become an ideal solution both in terms of price and quality, as you do not need to maintain a staff of lawyers in every area, and our specialists with various experience and in-depth knowledge of international tax and corporate structuring, GDPR, contract law, litigation and intellectual property law will become your dedicated legal department.

What problems are we solving?

We can help you with any legal matter, but in practice we help most of our clients in:

  • Supporting contract work.

For most companies, contract work is the last thing on their minds. However, the lack of a quality force majeure clause in a contract can lead to the inability to break the contract and the need to pay huge fees for services that no one uses. This is a real-life example and happened during covid-19, when the company had to pay monthly fees to obtain broadcast rights that didn’t exist. Finding a post-factum solution is much harder than negotiating a quality version of a contract before signing it.

  • Legal support for AML procedures.

    A large number of new payers with whom you will negotiate on the connection will ask to make new changes to the AML policy. Explaining to them the invalidity of their request or making these changes is also a job for a lawyer.

  • Legally withdraw fiat funds to the business owner.

    Sooner or later this question becomes one of the central ones. It is necessary to prove the origin of funds in any financial transactions, purchase of expensive property. However, obtaining legal dividends from the gambling business is a complex legal puzzle, in which we will help you.

  • Protect intellectual property rights.

    Over time, any business begins to think about the IP it owns, but most companies have no idea what they can do with their IP and what risks arise if they do not timely build protection of these rights.

  • Represent the interests of the client in negotiations with the counterparty.

    We know how to legally protect your interests in software transactions, the purchase and sale of a business or the beginning of a joint cooperation.

  • Tax advice

    Having experience with a large number of jurisdictions, we can calculate the tax burden and propose solutions to reduce and optimize it.

  • Working with personal data

    We help clients respond to requests from data subjects and local regulators, conduct risk analyses and bring business processes in compliance with applicable laws.

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