How to obtain a gambling license in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is located in Central America and the first thing to say is that there is no gambling licensing.

Costa Rica is one of the most interesting jurisdictions to register a company that wants to provide online gambling services. Despite the fact that there are over 400 online casinos registered in Costa Rica, the country has not yet developed any legislation that would regulate online gambling.

Companies registered in Costa Rica can conduct gambling activities without obtaining any permits or licenses.

Update from 30.09.2022. Costa Rican gambling license has lost its relevance, we advise to pay attention to the license of Curacao or Malta. We will be happy to advise on suitable alternatives.

What is interesting about gambling registration in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, there is no legislation regarding online gambling, which means that there is no control or regulation from the government. There is also no requirement for a local office and local employees, server location requirements, as well as annual license fees. Compared to other popular gambling jurisdictions, there is no need to test the gaming software.

It is also an advantage that income generated outside of Costa Rica is not taxed.

A gambling company in Costa Rica is one of the most budget-friendly and fastest ways to start an online gambling business. (Registration period is 1 week)

What is necessary to register a gambling company in Costa Rica?

  • 3 company names in order of priority;
  • Description of organizational structure;
  • Notarized copies of the passports of directors and shareholders with a translation into English; Proof of address (utility bill or bank statement not older than 30 days);
  • Summary of director and shareholder in English.

Who is suitable for a gambling company in Costa Rica?

It should be noted that the lack of legal regulation means that opening a bank account for a company registered in Costa Rica will be very difficult.

We recommend opening a gambling company in Costa Rica if you don’t need bank accounts or fiat payment solutions, for example if you are involved in crypto-gambling.



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