Where you can operate with a Curacao gambling license?

Before you start the process of obtaining a Curaçao gambling license (you can learn more about our offer at the link), it is worth reading this article, in which we have analyzed the gambling legislation and the practice of applying this legislation in different jurisdictions around the world.

By dividing the countries according to the criterion of “ability to offer online gambling services” we can distinguish 6 main types of countries:

  • Jurisdictions where online gambling is completely prohibited, in any form (these countries include, for example, Turkey, China, UAE, Cambodia, Qatar, Lebanon, Poland, Singapore, Japan, almost all Arab countries).
  • Jurisdictions, where it is possible to get a gambling license to provide services in other countries but not in the country of license issuance (such as Costa Rica and Curacao proper).
  • Jurisdictions that have no laws that would regulate online gambling (such as India and most countries in Southern Africa);
  • Jurisdictions where the legislation allows online gambling activities only to those companies, which have received a “domestic” license and are registered in the country, where the services are provided (such as most of the US states, and their number is constantly growing after the removal of the federal ban);
  • Jurisdictions with state monopolies, which have exclusive rights to conduct gambling activities (such countries include, for example, Finland, Norway and Sweden, but there is a constant trend to reduce the number of such countries, because previously they included France as well);
  • Jurisdictions, in which it is allowed to conduct online gambling activities to companies which were licensed in this country or to companies which were licensed in certain laws of other countries (such countries include some EU countries, in particular Sweden);

Today, having a Curaçao license it is possible to operate in all jurisdictions, except for the countries of the first and fourth categories. According to the terms of the Curaçao license, only such jurisdictions as Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, France, the Netherlands, Saba, St. Maarten, Singapore and the USA are prohibited.

It should be noted that this article deals only with the operation of the site and the actual provision of online gambling services. Online gambling advertising and payment solutions are two separate issues whose regulation may differ from the above.


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