Protection of intellectual property rights

It is impossible to imagine an IT company that does not create intellectual property – after all, the very essence of IT is the creation of a new, intangible product. But what happens to a business that hasn’t taken care of protecting its own intellectual property rights, while competitors are conducting unfair policies and employees are appropriating new developments from the company? The answer is obvious.

To forget about the risks of owning an intangible asset such as intellectual property rights, contact Legarithm. Our lawyers will provide comprehensive advice regarding the registration of trademarks and patents in different jurisdictions, as well as help in registration of software copyrights in different jurisdictions. We will create an individual solution for you, in which, at the lowest possible cost, comprehensive protection will be provided in the jurisdictions where you operate.

By providing assistance in the protection of intellectual property rights, we create complex solutions. The main forms of intellectual property rights protection, similar in all jurisdictions, are copyright, trademark and patent. The choice of form depends on the intellectual property object for which the registration is to be provided.

In the case of a trademark, everything is obvious here, besides, note that trademark protection is the most developed at the international level, in particular, the Madrid system was created, which allows simplified registration of TM in all WIPO member countries through the local authority in charge of IP registration.

Copyright is less broad in terms of protection provided, because while TM gives the owner the right to protection from any other designation for goods and services, which can be confused with the registered one, the protection provided by copyright is limited exclusively to the work itself or almost identical reproductions. In addition, copyrights arise at the time of creation of a work and registration is not a prerequisite for protection, but despite this, most IT companies prefer to go through the registration process so that in the event of any disputes regarding copyright infringement, there is no additional subject of proceedings on determining the existence of the right itself. The Legarithm team are experts in registering the source code, we will help you bring it into a form suitable for registration, please contact us via chat for a preliminary consultation.

The main object of intellectual property that is protected by a patent is inventions (although the list is not limited only to them). The main criteria for patentability are novelty, usefulness and technical non-obviousness. These requirements are identical for the vast majority of jurisdictions, the only difference is the level of proof required to satisfy the requirements.

Our team is always looking for the most optimal option for the client, which will both save money, without overpaying for registration in unnecessary jurisdictions, and will protect your IP in the most complete way. In addition, depending on your wishes and budget, we will help you combine forms of protection, for example, by protecting the source code of a computer game, trademark for the most important elements that have a special commercial value in the front interface and industrial designs for various skins.

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