Дата: 7/05/21

Welcome to online gambling

Hello all!
We have created this blog in order to be closer to our clients and future clients and partners, share news on the gambling industry, peculiarities of licensing in different countries and our own experience in the role of gambling lawyers.

Who are Legarithm?
We are a young legal team that works in the international market and one of our favourite practices is legal assistance to gambling projects all over the world.

Due to our long work experience in leading gambling and consulting companies in CIS we have learned all of the legal aspects of gambling business, including but not limited to, the best places for incorporation, licensing choices, payments set up and corporate account opening for gambling companies, in times when banks close their doors before the most clean gambling projects.

We have provided our turn-key solutions for a range of new and innovative gambling projects, including crypto-gambling, fantasy gambling, betting, online casino’s, poker and twitch streams betting.

What is our motto?
1. We do not tell you what you can’t do, we tell you how you can do it.
2. We think out of the box.
3. We do not offer faulty solutions.
4. We do not procrastinate. We opt for the result.
5. We keep the confidentiality of our clients.

Lets begin!

Our website on legal support of gambling projects: gambling-licenses.legarithm.io 

Consultations on legal support, licensing, payments solutions and corporate account opening for your gambling project: https://t.me/legarithm_bot

PS: We do not operate gambling websites, we offer legal services to the gambling industry.

We do not promote gambling, all information is limited to persons over 18 years.

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