Gambling licenses

Do you want to start your own gambling project? Gambling licenses for betting, slots, poker and other types of gambling are offered as a turn-key solution by experts at Legarithm.

Do you need a B2B license? We will be happy to assist, as our experts will guide you through the software certification process up to creating an optimal corporate structure.

Malta gambling license

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Software certification

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B2B gambling licenses

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Obtaining Curacao gambling license The most optimal license for all types of gambling activities is Curacao. ... More details

Do you need a license for the organisation of gambling on the internet in accordance with the law?

Yes, you do need a license since gambling falls under the types of activities that require to be licensed in most countries. In some countries gambling, including online gambling is under strong prohibition.

Legarithm experts are experienced in legal organisation of gambling, notwithstanding its type or form and will be your legal support in this complicated question.

What types of licenses exist for gambling?

Gambling licenses are divided into several types, depending on the license itself. The classic separation of licenses into different classes includes: licenses for provision of online gambling directly to players, license for gambling software developers, licenses for promotion of online gambling.

Licenses may be divided depending on the type of gambling game. In some jurisdictions, such as Malta, separate licenses exist for online poker, betting and casino. A requirement exists to obtain a separate license for each type of activity. In other jurisdictions, such as Curacao – only one type of license exists, which covers all type of gambling games, including but not limited to poker, casino, betting, lotteries. This license is also suitable for developers of gambling software. Having received such license, you will not be required to pass the procedure of alignment with the regulator once more, in case you decide to increase the amount and variety of types of games you offer.

Why do you need to obtain a license for online gambling?

Not only does the license confirms that you are providing your services in accordance with the law and guarantees that you will not have issues with law enforcement agencies (subject to the condition that you are working in the scope of your license), being licenses makes it easier to do business with your counteragents, banks, payment systems and merchant providers.

A company licensed to offer online gambling services has more opportunities to when working with financial intermediaries. Many more banks and payment systems will be more positive in cooperating with. a licensed company and merchant providers will give you access to more beneficial conditions and rates for acquiring payments on your website.

A licensed company receives more trust from players, as such company is subject to the observance of a regulator.

Where can a company with a gambling license offer its services?

It depends on the obtained license. For example, the license of Curacao (the most popular license among online casinos) allows you to work in all jurisdictions, unless it is directly prohibited by the law. It should be noted, that a company with Curacao gambling license is prohibited to offer its services in Curacao, Netherlands, France and the USA.

Please advise with us for a detailed consultation on the possibility to offer your gambling services in accordance with the law. We will always be happy to propose a suitable solution.

Do you need a gambling license for sports betting?

Yes, sports betting is qualified as online gambling and are subject to licensing regime. The answer will be identical for poker, casino, slots, sports betting, bingo, lotteries and other games.

Would you like to know if your game falls under gambling licensing? Please contact us for a consultation, we will be happy to help you in this regard, and obtain RNG certification for your gambling software if needed.

What is certification of games? (RNG certification)

If you are planning to obtain a gambling license, you will be required to confirm that your games are fair. This is easily confirmed by the provision of RNG certificate from your game provider.

The correct work of random number generator guarantees that cards, gaming dice numbers, symbols of slot games, jackpot triggers and other elements of a fair game will be statically random and unpredictable.

A correctly working random number generator provides the players with confidence in the game system and insures you from unjustified complaints from players.

In case, where you have developed your games by yourself or your game provider does not have the games certified, we will be happy to offer our services of game certification. This certificate is not only a confirmation for the regulator of your intention to provide a fair game to your clients, but you can also place this certificate on your website, as a confirmation of fairness of your games.

The cost and terms for such certification are defined after the review of gaming software, the quantity of games and the complexity of code.

Please contact Legarithm experts for full scale support of your gambling project. We will register a company, prepare legal documents for your website, certify your games, obtain a license, open a corporate account and connect a merchant account for your project.

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